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At The Kory Agency we guide you through business, health, Medicare, life, and retirement insurance, so that you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are protected.

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We understand the importance of keeping your entire family healthy and happy. That’s why we offer comprehensive insurance plans to help protect you and your loved ones in the case of a serious medical emergency.

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At the Kory agency our job is to provide you no cost free consultation

About Us

At The Kory Agency we understand that health is your most important asset.

Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to quality, affordable health coverage. That’s why we strive to offer the best plans at the lowest prices.
We take the time to get to know our clients and their needs. Our experienced agents will work with you to find the plan that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Why Choose The Kory Agency?

Choosing the right policy can be a daunting task

We understand that health insurance can be confusing. Our team of knowledgeable agents is here to answer any questions you have and help you make the right choices.

Get the coverage you need at an affordable price

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best coverage and customer service possible. We are committed to helping you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

We help simplify the process

We take the time to explain the process of enrolling and provide information about any discounts or subsidies that might be available. We also help explain any terms and conditions that might apply.

The assistance that you need

At The Kory Agency we help in understanding how to make a claim and when it is necessary to do so. Also provide guidance on what is covered under the plan and how to file a claim in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

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How we help you

When considering insurance coverage, it is important to understand the different types of health insurance options available.


When selecting a health insurance plan, it is important to consider your individual needs and budget, and to understand the benefits and limitations of each plan.


Life insurance is an important form of financial protection that can provide your loved ones with the financial security they need in the event of your death.


Retirement insurance is an important part of planning for your financial future, it will provide you with peace of mind that you will be taken care of financially during your retirement years.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplements, also known as Medigap plans are policies that help cover additional costs such as co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance costs.


Health business insurance is an important form of coverage it helps protect businesses from potential financial liabilities if a patient is injured, ill, or experiences any medical-related issues.

Employee Benefits

A good benefits package can help attract top talent and help retain existing employees. There are a variety of types of health benefits that companies offer, including health insurance, wellness programs, dental care, vision care, and more.


“AJ and Heather are so well-educated in Medicare supplemental insurance and health insurance. I highly recommend them for all of your Medicare supplement or health insurance needs. “
Angela Scherzer
“AJ & Heather Kory go above and beyond for their clients at The Kory Agency. I highly recommend them if you are in need of health insurance, Medicare, or even medical insurance for travel.”
Angie Klapish-Widmer
“There is no other agency for those seeking health benefits or medicare out there that takes the time and care that The Kory Agency does with their clients. Their focus is to educate you on your best options and help you pick what works best for you. I highly recommend The Kory Agency!”
Kate Noel